Western delivers nationwide turn-key real estate solutions. We reduce risk and minimize cost by handling all development phases in-house. We will work with you to fully understand all aspects of your real estate development needs. From site evaluation to navigating city, state, and federal approvals to providing financing, our team of experienced real estate developers is with you from concept to completion. We manage the complexity on your behalf. In-house experts work as one team to identify the right solutions for your real estate goals in order to  achieve your vision and suit your business needs. We serve the real estate project management needs of our clients by providing development services including:

  • Providing project financing and lease back options
  • Designing and building to project economics
  • Full property management for completed projects
  • Customized marketing campaigns


Strategic and Master Planning


Reduce risk and cost with clear and manageable action steps for highest and best use

The Strategic Planning process is the primary and most crucial step in planning a real estate development. An investment in Strategic Planning will save a tremendous amount of time and money later in the development process. To begin the Strategic Planning process, Western meets with all stakeholders to determine their aspirations for the overall development. We then allocate our highly skilled development team to collect and assess all due diligence items needed to strategically and economically determine the highest and best use for the development. Based on the Strategic Plan, Western will create a comprehensive Master Plan. The Master Plan is an evolving document with a phased development plan that will provide clear and manageable action steps to reaching the overall objectives of all stakeholders.
Project Financing


Customized funding packages including lending and lease back options 

Does it make more sense for you to use your capital to fund your current operation and not tie it up in the construction of a new facility? Western customizes funding or lease back options for our clients to ensure that they receive competitive terms and rates that meet their budget requirements. One approach we use when customizing a finance option is we ask our clients to determine the maximum monthly payment that works for their operation. Based on this amount, we can then provide project financing options that will fit within their monthly budget for a payment.


Design, entitlement, and construction all in-house to ensure meeting project economics

Western has a unique multidiscipline structure for the design-build process which brings our client’s visions to life without exceeding their economic expectations. The first step in our design-build approach is to establish our client’s target budget and work backwards from this number to design and build a facility without exceeding their target budget. Throughout the entire design-build process, we are transparent with our clients and help guide them through making decisions that ensure the maximum value is received for every dollar spent. By performing all design, entitlement, acquisition (permits) and construction management in-house, we are able to save our clients both time and money.


Analyze all market sectors to design, produce, and implement results-driven marketing campaigns

Western provides customized marketing plans and implements a wide range of marketing strategies that produce a results-driven campaign. Our marketing team will work closely with you to understand your objectives. We analyze market sectors and study market trends to tailor fit a plan that outlines the various approaches that will produce results. We maintain open communication with our clients during a marketing campaign and provide reports about the market feedback that we receive.
Property Management


Full facility management and maintenance after project completion

Western will handle all property management on existing or new facilities that we have completed for our clients. We develop a trusted partnership with the property owner and will act in the best interest of the owner to maximize their return on investment. We understand operating expenses and budgeting and will maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rent(s), budget for property improvements and maintain detailed records of the facility.


Real Estate Solutions


Development and Design-Build


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