Crafting Developments That Exceed Expectations
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No Salespeople

You will never meet a salesperson from Western LLC.

When you contact Western LLC, we immediately assemble our team — architects, engineers, project managers, lawyers, and financial experts — to go to work on your project. But no salespeople. You will see for yourself — from our team, not a salesperson – if we have what it takes to design, build, and finance your development. Since 1984, this approach continues to be the best way for us to work with clients, with a long list of successful outcomes. Such a non-mainstream business practice is not a fit for companies who must rely on their salespeople to sell their capabilities.

But for those who are considering a new development, this opportunity provides a risk-free way to make an informed decision about our capabilities and cultural fit, without having to make an upfront commitment.

Brad Henderson

Managing Member/President

I grew up on our family’s cattle ranch – still in operation – with hands-on training from a long line of true Western Cowboys. Horses, cattle, dirt, diesel, concrete, and steel were what I cut my teeth on. My Dad and Grandpa passed on to me what it means to keep your word, to be a man of faith, to live with the ethics of hard work, and to believe that people are more important than money. And no matter how rough or steep the road, to keep a can do, no-quit attitude.  I learned to swing a hammer, operate heavy equipment, and build things with my hands, as well as to respect and take care of the people I work with from a very young age. The only way to be honestly proud of every project you start — and finish — is to follow the same principles I learned on the ranch and through my upbringing on my Dad’s commercial and industrial real estate development and construction projects. My father and grandfather are two genuine Cowboys and truly great men, the best of the West.

Our company, Western LLC, is a design/build, commercial, real estate development firm with projects throughout the United States. Our teams build the Western way; and, we adhere to these best practices: transparency, careful advance planning, high early effort, attention to detail, and a firm hand on time and cost budget commitments.

Western LLC is a rarity in our approach to projects. We are set up to be a single source for all financing, design, entitlement and construction– providing the maximum value for every dollar and minute spent. We always meet this objective by way of our development best practices and total project involvement from concept to completion. We engage with your team to complete your project within budget and on time while exceeding your expectations. Our business involves design and construction, but our specialty is always serving and working with people.  Our development process is completely different from the old school antagonistic– investor, architect, engineer, contractor—where everyone points the finger of blame and each other, no one is happy when the project is complete, and when issues arise after warranties have expired, the end user is left to fend for themselves.  Western handles it all and is there for the life of the project.

We specialize in the Aviation Industry. We design/build large aircraft hangars, terminals, office buildings, fuel farms, MROs, FBOs, GSE Facilities as well as all associated site improvements; plus, we provide the option for build-to-suit lease back. We also develop for the commercial, industrial, energy, agricultural, medical, oil and gas, and educational sectors. Since 1984, we have worked with hundreds of clients, completed more than 8 million square feet of new and renovated facilities, and fulfilled site development on thousands of acres.

Doug Wagner, AIA

Director of Architecture

Phi Whitaker

Director of Marketing

Holly Dyer

Client Executive

Christine Sutter

Client Executive

Heather Astuto

Client Executive

Cindy Gettig

Project Engineer