Crafting Developments That Exceed Expectations
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Corporate Aircraft Hangar Complex – Phase I
Hangar “P” Corporate Hangar

Midland International Air & Space Port, Midland, Texas

Western LLC met with their client for months to establish a design that would fit their exact needs as well as be cost effective for their client’s budget. Hangar P is spectacular in size and in its architectural design, making it a strong attribute to the overall aesthetics of the Midland International Airport development. With an impressive 24,000 SF of hangar space divided into two hangar sections in one facility, Hangar P has the ability to accommodate several types of aircraft. The facility has 2,500 SF of office space that consist of a lobby, four offices for pilots, and a kitchenette. Western also designed a private fuel farm for Hangar P that has the largest fuel tank in this MAF hangar development. The underground tank has a holding capacity for 35,000 gallons of jet fuel. This size fuel tank is economical for the Hangar P client because it will save them both time and money by allowing them to fuel their aircraft with a system that is connected to their facility.


Midland International Air & Space Port (KMAF), Midland, Texas


24,000 SF Hangar
2,500 SF Office
35,000-Gallon Fuel Farm




Full Development from Concept to Completion


August 2016