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Paine Field AIRPORT (KPAE)
Development Opportunity Available

Everett, Washington

Western LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a shovel-ready 2.84-acre lot on the southwest corner of Paine Field. With direct access to both state highway 525, the Mukilteo Speedway, and a dedicated taxiway to the main runway, this site has significant assets for prospective tenants. The approved building permit will allow a building up to 52,000 square feet and has already been prepped for vertical construction with surface load-bearing up to 500,000  pounds. This lot can accommodate a single hangar, a group of corporate hangars, or a major repair and service operation. The adjacent facility housing the Historic Flight Foundation is owned by Kilo Six LLC, with a total of 8.1 acres.

Paine Field represents one of the most unique hybrid opportunities for development in the country. The rapid population growth and strong business climate in Seattle and its northern suburbs support the upcoming prospective status of the facility as an active hub for regional passenger air traffic. As the economic growth and success of the northwest corridor have proven, the geography of the site is a key factor for continued expansion and return on investment. Bolstering the strength of the field itself, aviation and aerospace research, development, manufacturing, and services are thriving, with a large base of trained personnel and educational support systems in place to energize both start-ups and expansion in the aviation sector. The museum and aviation history facilities are also unique, with ongoing opportunities for public involvement, adding a special look and feel to Paine Field and its on-site businesses.

Western LLC is excited to offer a selective participation at Paine Field to prospective clients. Western LLC has available a detailed Request for Proposals report for this prime location. Proposals are due September 30, 2017 at 1700 PDT.

About Paine FIeld

Often referred to as Snohomish County Airport, this long-established general aviation facility has recently been granted approval to expand into commercial aviation. Alaska Air and United Airlines have announced plans to begin passenger flights from the field beginning in 2018, coinciding with the opening of a new passenger terminal, now under construction.

Paine Field is currently home to Aviation Technical Services, a major maintenance facility, with more than 400 aircraft redeliveries annually, and is well-known for the adjacent Boeing Everett Factory, with the largest building in North America; this is the final assembly area for the 747, 767, 777, and other wide-body Boeing planes. Aviation fans also recognize the site as the home for the Flying Heritage Collection of Paul Allen, the Museum of Flight, and the Historic Flight Foundation, with its own significant collection of vintage military aircraft.

Originally built by the Works Progress Administration as a commercial facility, Paine Field predates the much larger Seattle-Tacoma International airport to the south. Paine Field opened for business in 1936, almost ten years before its more famous neighbor, but shifted to a restricted military field during World War II, a role that was continued during the Korean War. In the 1960s, the field was transferred to civilian use and has been managed since then by Snohomish County. In 1966, Boeing debuted a new era for the site with the construction of its giant production plant for the 747, an activity that continues to support employment and aviation development both within the Paine Field perimeter and in the surrounding industrial neighborhoods

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